Our Ministries

One of our highest priorities is to pass on the ministry of Jesus to the next generation. It is the youth ministry of the church that equips young adults to declare, communicate, and demonstrate the purpose, power, precepts, and principles of the Kingdom of God.  The meetings are filled with powerful worship experience coupled with a life-changing word from God, and a wonderful opportunity for young adults to fellowship.

Mission / Evangelism:
We believe at the heart of our church is a desire to grow mission fields. To varying degrees we long for communities that have caught the heart of our God who in choosing Abraham chose one man and his family to bless all the families of the earth. Mission it is the out working of the flame of worship burning within our communities thereby being at the heart of all we are and do.
Mission is outside of us. It is our neighbours, our local communities, the isolated cultures and individuals within our political nations, the cross cultural people that seem distant in lifestyle but are near in location. It is the young, the old, the poor and the rich. It is the people who are far in geography and close in culture or distant in culture and far in geography. It is the nations (ethnics groups) of the earth.

Men’s Ministry:
In the Men’s ministry we apply biblical truths that will teach men how to seek first the kingdom of God and apply spiritual truths to every aspect of their lives. We instruct our men on the heart of God concerning the human family. We use biblical concepts to show our responsibility as men to love our wives as Christ loves the church, and to raise our children in an effective, godly manner.

Women’s Ministry:
Every woman who is a member City of David parish is automatically a member of the women’s ministry.  She participates in the ministry by giving back to the church either financially or by volunteering her services in other ministries or another labour of love within the church.
This ministry offers forums where we hosts prayer gatherings or where other esteemed speakers, address topics such as career, raising godly children, relationships and health.

Welfare / Follow up:
This department is responsible for following-up on visitors who attend the church service for the first time and may wish to return. We provide information about what we do at COD as a corporate body. If they would like to join the church, we provide support and help them settle into the church. Otherwise, we provide assistance in recommending a more suitable church. The welfare arm extends the love of God to church members and non-church members in relevant and practical ways by providing care and assistance to people in need. Oftentimes, just walking alongside someone through life’s difficult turns can be the most precious of gifts.

The Hospitality team at the City of David Stevenage serves as the first point of contact for new visitors to the church. This department provides an introduction to the church and strives to ensure that all newcomers are made welcome.

IT / Multimedia:
In the Multimedia Department our mission is to enhance your worship experience. This mission was born out of a desire to use IT and media technologies to help individuals to develop more intimate relationship with God through various forms and styles of worship.

Prayer is simply just talking to God. It is one of the greatest tools one can have, because it opens the door to a dialogue with God. Intercession goes a step further to include standing in the gap for others. The Prayer ministry is here to give you more information on how to pray, why you should pray, when to pray and much more… We also share practical examples on the resulting effects of prayer and reflection of Prayer on your relationship with God.

Publications department is responsible for the production of all our publications. It consists of writers, editors and designers who volunteer their talents across a range of roles and responsibilities.

The Ushering Department aims to ensure that everyone in the congregation is well attended to and looked after for the duration of each service.