Our Pastors

Pastor Femi Alabi

Pastor Femi Alabi is the senior pastor of RCCG City of David Stevenage and has led the ministry progressively for over 10years. He is a spiritual father, leader and mentor. Femi Alabi is well known for his clear message of salvation, holiness and empowerment. He is widely regarded as a visionary leader and guardian of the ancient landmark. His ability to transcend ethnicity and race with his come as you are approach to ministry has seen to the growth of the church and secular communities in the United Kingdom.

Pastor Ayo Alabi

Pastor Ayo Alabi is the Co-Pastor RCCG City of David Stevenage and has been involved with the ministry for over 10 years and has provided solid support for her husband Pastor Femi Alabi. She is the founder of My Sisters Keeper ministry, which is committed to building spiritual capacity in women through prayers and building co-operation amongst the women community through empowerment and awareness driven by the word of God.

A Mentor, Coach and Counsellor , Ayo Alabi is a respected minister and conference speaker and passionate about preaching The balanced message of Christ . She is well known for her clear and practical message of hope, grace and empowerment.